Vision Museum

Must Know

The project at 3 Septemvriou & Ipirou, currently under architectural refinement, is blossoming into a unique dwelling that embodies modern aesthetics and functional design.

Spanning a total area of 1034.36 square meters, the building holds the promise of 17 exquisite units, each envisioned to cater to contemporary living standards. The future apartment hotel is being molded with a vision of elegance and practicality, aimed at offering a refined living experience amidst the historical allure of Athens.

One of the jewels of this residence is its rooftop, which is set to unveil a mesmerizing view of the Acropolis, allowing residents to gaze upon Athens’ ancient magnificence amidst the modern comfort of their abode.

The proximity to the vibrant city centre and the iconic National Archaeological Museum, coupled with the accessibility to Vision Omonia’s array of amenities, amplifies the appeal of this residence, promising a blend of cultural exploration and modern luxury.